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Relax For Love

Eye of Horus Stainless Steel Swivel Ring Ring to Relieve Anxiety Eye of God Ring

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If you're like over 30 million Americans who bite their nails. you'll love this. A ring that spins against your finger is a great way to prevent nail biting.
A Spinner Ring. which is also referred to as a Meditation or Worry ring. is a ring that has one or more rings that spin freely within a wider. inner ring. The spinning motion of the ring is designed to calm anxiety and bring about a peaceful state of mind and good karma.


  • Premium Copper+AAA Grade Cubic Zirconia
  • Nickel Free

There are many annoyances in our daily life. such as working. teaching children or quarrel with others... We should try our best to solve these problems. so why not try Fidget Rings for Anxiety? Relief your stress easily. make you happy!

What Situations Can Anxiety Rings Be Used?

Significant Gift -- Get Rid of Bad Mood!

  • Help you divert attention and solve bad problems such as finger biting. Help you stay focused when you're encountering resistance at work.
  • Help relieve stress and drive away bad feelings when you're feeling bored. Perfect as a stress relief tool. Help you get rid of parenting anxiety.


Question 1: Why does alloyjewelry turn black or green?

Answer: alloy becomes black because of hydrogen sulfide (sulfur). a substance that occurs in the air. When alloy comes into contact with it. a chemical reaction takes place and a black layer is formed. alloy oxidizes faster in places with a lot of light and high humidity.

Question 2: Does it mean that the alloy jewelry isn't real if it 'turns black' ?

Answer: Not really. All real or sterling alloy can tarnish under the right/wrong conditions like contacting sunscreen. shampoo. soaps. cleaning agents. chlorine. bleach) but occasionally sterling alloy may also react to individual skin acidity. hormonal changes or even multivitamins. medications or antibiotics. But it can be cleaned and polished as good as new and prevented from tarnishing again. Prevention is better than cure!

Question 3: How to keep the sterling alloy jewelry fine?

Answer: 1. Keep it clean. After wearing your sterling alloy jewelry. clean it with a dry soft cloth. or polishing cloth. before storing it away.

2. Keep it safe. Store your clean dry sterling alloy jewelry in a dry airtight container. Small zip bags or velvet bag work well.