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Relax For Love

Mother Daughter's Bond Interlocking Bracelet

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This elegant bracelet features an interlocking-circle & rainbow stone design, with subtle yet good-vibe color decorations. It was created to inspire and empower. Attached with a heartmelting message card, it is the perfect gift for both mother and daughter on birthdays, this holiday season, and many more occasions. 

Mother & Daughter
The bond between mother and daughter is forever. Our bond persists through the thick and thin. We are connected biologically through all. But the real connection is spiritual and made of love. The flow of of energy between mother and daughter is among the more powerful in nature. Yes, some days that energy is torrential like a clashing thunderstorm. But at the end of the storm, a soaring rainbow is sure to emerge. Because we are there for each other. And at the end of the day, our unconditional love rises above all.
Made of strong, durable metal plating and glaze printing. Will not oxidize, tarnish or corrode.
Nickel free, hypoallergenic jewelry.
Measurements: The bracelet chain is Standard Cable Chain; The length is 6" can be adjusted with 2" Extension.